The Interrogation Chair: Enmachined

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Metalxtreme got the chance to get in contact with a pivotal force in the Bangladesh metal scene, Enmachined. Thanks to Metal Monger Records for this opportunity. We do not edit our interviews any which way from their original format.

DL_DooM: Hello Enmachined, MetalXtreme would like to ask you 5 questions for our Interrogation Chair 5 for 5 interview. As it seems Enmachined currently only has a Demo and a Split Do you have plans to release a full length album soon?



Anil: Hello there, thanks for having me here. Yeah we have a Three track demo album released in 2013 from Salute Records and we also released a split tape with Filipino death/grind smashers Toxemia. It’s been a while we haven’t released something. We do have plans for future releases and we are already working on it. Stay tuned…



DL_DooM: I hear a lot of influence from Exodus in your music, Which other thrash bands would you say you draw the biggest inspiration from?



Anil: We are highly influenced by Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Overkill, Dio etc. I’m highly influenced by Glenn Tipton’s guitar playing. You can hear Abir’s ear bursting screams on most of our songs and can get the idea where the influences come from.


DL_DooM: Many bands have different reasons for wanting to become a band, What inspired you to form a metal band?



Anil: We are fond of heavier bands with bone crushing riffs and powerful vocals and It’s a growing metal community in Bangladesh and bands like Orator, Severe Dementia have shown us that we can also do this and it’s been always a dream to play on stage and slay.


Dl_DooM: How did you come up with the name Enmachined?



Anil: We were confused with naming the band at first. We have considered Piranha and uh…. can’t really recall any other names, so yeah, Piranha ended up becoming a song title and Abir came up with the name Enmachined. Enmachined isn’t a particular word actually. We made it up. We love sci-fi movies and I am a big fan of the Terminator. In our words, Enmachined is something which is turning into a machine haha!


DL_DooM: There have been many great metal bands that have existed through the years If you could pick any band or bands, which would you like to share a stage with?



Anil: We have already shared the stage with all the big names in Bangladeshi extreme metal music and looking forward to go beyond. It would be amazing to perform with any of our idols. There are plenty of new bands coming up as well. Would love to crush some bones with them!

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