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Artist: Amebix
Album: Monolith
Genre: Crust / Thrash
Origin: England
Year: 1987
Label: Heavy Metal Records

 This album, along with Carnivore and Wastelander’s War Drive should be the soundtrack to the Road Warrior.. If it came out later.

Amebix, name ring a bell? The most mainstream exposure they ever got was Igor wearing one of their shirts in a music video for a Sepultura track off of Chaos A.D. which is quite Ironic because both bands have an album called Arise. Guess which one came out first.

The borderline between crust punk and metal has always been thin. The creators of crust punk, Amebix, blended that line so well on the album Monolith they about damn near made another new genre.

There is just something about this album that I have always found awesome and can never put my finger on it. Besides it being more influential on the decades after it than Black Sabbath was on metal in the early days. This album showed you don’t have to be fast to Thrash, you don’t have to growl to be heavy, you just have to smell like shit and do a lot of drugs and it just comes naturally. But you have to write very, very, very, descriptive imagery songs about the end of the world. The words are picturesque of the day the world died. You can touch, taste, feel, smell, and hear it with this album! It’s almost like they came back from the apocalypse just to release this album,or took a lot of bad acid.

With crunchy basslines that put lemmy to shame,and upbeat downtuned drums, with those crusty riffs and wraspy vocals about the end of the world, how can you not be one of the biggest influences on metal and punk. Well Amebix decided to abandon the world after they released this album, until recently, so of course everyone ripped them off, its just human nature.

There is nothing like this album at all. You can’t compare anything to this album in any genre of music.

So “Swear allegiance to none, be not become” and listen to some Amebix then buy it. This album will not disappoint you one bit.

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Give this album a listen, buy it and see how many bands it has definitely Influenced this list is huge