Armoured Angel – Communion

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Artist: Armoured Angel Album: Communion Genre: Old School Death Metal Year: ORG 1990 RE 2016 Origin: Australia Label: Hells Headbangers

Artist: Armoured Angel
Album: Communion
Genre: Old School Death Metal
Year: ORG 1990 RE 2016
Origin: Australia
Label: Hells Headbangers

Australia, the unsettling spawning ground of demonic, extreme metal. Destruktor, Slaughter Lord, Atomizer, Sadistik Exekution, Deströyer 666 are few that claim home in Australia. Though Australia is quite known for metal here are still many secrets of the land down under. One of the down under secrets of plunder is Armoured Angel. I say plunder because as Armoured Angel transitioned from a thrash band to a death metal band, that is the sound that the Australian metal scene used to  rival the rest of the world’s metal with. The material of Armoured Angel that lies right in the center of this transitional period is their 1990 demo Communion.

Communion is a sixteen minute, 4 track, devastating, kick ass, cult, old school death metal album. Communion is the prime example of the term “cult”.  Communion to me sounds like what you would get if Amebix were to play some death metal after their album, Monolith came out. I am not putting the two anywhere near being referred to as being contemporaries, it’s the involvement of the tone and heaviness that is played in the bass department. The bass is the key instrument on Communion, unlike most old school death metal that relied on thrash lead guitar riffs.

Armoured Angel knew how to make pummeling metal tracks. It did not mater if they were making death metal or thrash, they know how to kick ass. Communion is no exception to what to expect from Armoured Angel.

I would imagine it being very difficult and expensive to find yourself an original copy of this cult demo. Hells Headbangers has reissued this demo as a 12″ MLP release. You need to hear Communion so you can head bang to this death thrashing madness. This is the band and demo that gave way to what we have come to love and expect from the land down under, so pay some respect.

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