Crucial Fix – Crucial Fix 5/5 (4)

Crucial Fix – Crucial Fix			    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    		5/5							(4)

Posted by on Apr 18, 2016 in 2015, C, Heathen Tribes, Power Metal, Progressive Metal, Thrash, USA | 2 comments

During the early 90’s thrash was developing more matured sounds and structures. There was a lot of outside influence that took the raw animosity of thrash and found itself fusing to thrash like a hyperactive molecule of hydrogen. There was a lot of post-thrash, half-thrash, and even industrial sounding bands, but very few took the approach that Crucial fix did with their long unheard, self titled, debut album that was recorded in 1994 and just recently released....

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Carnivore – Carnivore No ratings yet.

Carnivore – Carnivore			No ratings yet.

Posted by on Feb 25, 2016 in 1985, C, Crossover, Cult Classics, Greenworld Records, Speed Metal, Thrash, USA |

GREETINGS AND FELICITATIONS CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY   Long before he told us about some goth girls date at midnight with Nosferatu, and before his name was Peter Steele(R.I.P) , we we’re given some down right dirty New York City style Thrashy Speed with tinges of Hardcore, we we’re given Lord Petrus Steele and Carnivore. If you are a Type O Negative fan and you dig the song Unsuccessfully Coping with the Natural Beauty of Infidelity, well, how about a whole...

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Cannibal Corpse – Eaten Back To Life No ratings yet.

Cannibal Corpse – Eaten Back To Life			No ratings yet.

Posted by on Oct 22, 2015 in 1990, C, Death Metal, Essential Albums, Old School Death Metal, USA |

Alright you primitive screwheads listen up! Chris Barnes is the only reason this band ever existed. Corpsegrinder gets all this stupid credit for this band he does not deserve. Cannibal Corpse was popular before him and way better. Here is my reasoning. The 80’s death metal scene was ran by the Florida sound but in 1990 Cannibal Corpse changed it all. Cannibal Corpse brought the New York sound to the populous of the metal community, the same sound that Suffocation...

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Cro-Mags – The Age of Quarrel 4.75/5 (4)

Cro-Mags – The Age of Quarrel			    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    		4.75/5							(4)

Posted by on Sep 23, 2015 in 1986, C, Crossover, Essential Albums, Hardcore Punk, Profile Records, Thrash, USA |

Let’s get one thing clear right now, what the term hardcore means nowadays is so loose. This ain’t no scene kid post-hardcore BULLSHIT, this isn’t a fucking eerie note, breakdown, chug along, slit my wrists album, this is some pure, original, New York hardcore punk that’s all thrashed out, this is the mother fucking CRO-MAGS! and if you don’t know Cro-Mags, well you gotta know! While hardcore punk existed from the late 70’s starting with...

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Confessor – Condemned No ratings yet.

Confessor – Condemned			No ratings yet.

Posted by on Aug 18, 2015 in 1991, C, Cult Classics, Doom Metal, Earache Records, Technical Doom Metal, USA |

When metal bands first started to be technical, there wasn’t really a term for it. It just kind of happened and some were good at it,others not so much. As the years have gone by the word technical in association to Metal will generally make you think of Death Metal… what if I was to tell you one of the most techincal albums ever made is by a Doom Metal band that features a vocalist that sounds like Geddy Lee. Confessor’s 1991 album Condemned is one of...

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Cemetery Lust – Screams of the Violated No ratings yet.

Cemetery Lust – Screams of the Violated			No ratings yet.

Posted by on Jul 26, 2015 in 2012, 2015, C, Hells Headbangers Records, New Releases, Thrash, USA, Wicked Reissues! |

Kreator finally went back to the sound of Pleasure to Kill?!?!! No! This is Cemetery Lust! Cemetery Lust dropped Screams of The Violated back in 2012 under Headsplit Records, now in 2015 it is back again being Re-Released under Hells HeadBangers Records. This is an album you wanna listen to if you like to fucking Thrash! Reminiscent of early Kreator, Pleasure to Kill / Endless Pain era, Cemetery Lust is far more than just your run of the mill retro-thrash act. Yes, I have...

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