Night Viper – Night Viper 5/5 (2)

Night Viper – Night Viper			    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    		5/5							(2)

Posted by on Mar 17, 2016 in 2015, Heavy Metal, N, New Releases, Svart Records, Sweden |

SHE’S THE CREATURE OF YOUR DOOM! SHE’S THE NIGHT VIPER, THE FLOWER ON YOUR TOMB! Let me set the mood correctly for this experience to hit home. You just ended the nightly edition of your public access rock show. You jump in your AMC Pacer and pick up your buddies and head to the local place that has bands playing. The dude at the door tells you some shitty cover band is playing and another band you never heard of. That band is Night Viper and that chick can...

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No Mercy – Widespread Bloodshed Love Runs Red 5/5 (1)

No Mercy – Widespread Bloodshed Love Runs Red			    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    		5/5							(1)

Posted by on Feb 25, 2016 in 1987, Cult Classics, N, Speed Metal, Suicidal Records, Thrash, USA |

WE’RE EVIL! SO FUCKIN’ EVIL! SWEET EVIL! E-V-I-L! Suicidal 4 Life? You’re a Suicyco Maniac? You wanna be Institutionalized? You have a War Inside Your Head? That’s all fun and games but are you Crazy But Proud? Didn’t think so. Released the same year as Join The Army, No Mercy‘s Widespread Bloodshed Love Runs Red is the forgotten Suicidal Tendencies album, So fuckin’ evil they had to change the name of the band. No Mercy‘s...

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Necrosemen 3/5 (1)

Necrosemen			    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    		3/5							(1)

Posted by on Dec 30, 2015 in 2015, Black Metal, Cult Death Metal, Death Metal, N, New Releases, War Metal |

Band: Necrosemen Origin: Switzerland Genre: Black/Death Years active: 2012-present Label: Blood Harvest With their new 2015 EP release, “Vglns”, Necrosemen proves that they have what it takes to compete with the top black/death metal bands of today. Filthy downtuned riffs, super tight drumming, paired with some murky production quality, these guys create a wall of sound that will send chills down your spine. This short EP is worth checking out for you crazy...

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Necrophobic – The Nocturnal Silence No ratings yet.

Necrophobic – The Nocturnal Silence			No ratings yet.

Posted by on Sep 13, 2015 in 1993, Black Mark Productions, Black Metal, Cult Classics, Death Metal, N, Sweden |

Stockholm, Sweden always had a sound of its own when it comes to death metal. A sound so good that every band in it’s scene had to conform to, to be cool. Necrophobic said fuck that, we will make our own sound and be just as cool.(citation needed). Necrophobic’s debut full length, The Nocturnal Silence is an anomaly for its time and place. While a war waged between Sweden and Norway between extreme metal dominance with Norweigan Black Metal and Swedish Death...

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