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Artist: Bustum Album: Demonolosophy Year: ORG 2012 Reissue 2016 Genre: Black Metal Origin: Croatia Label: Iron County Records

Artist: Bustum
Album: Demonolosophy
Year: ORG 2012 Reissue 2016
Genre: Black Metal
Origin: Croatia
Label: Iron County Records

Originally released in 2012, Bustum‘s Demonolosophy has been reissued on Iron County

Records. This is some kick ass Croatian black metal. On initial listening Demonolosophy may come off a bit primitive and raw, but there is an elegance of symphony buried within this album. There is a lot of distinct bass playing which is actually audible, I always appreciate that in a black metal release. The riffs are epic and dispelling. The drumming is very stoic but that is exactly what this album needs.

This is a Kvlt as Fvkk release you need to check out. There is a lot of display as to how dynamic black metal can actually be. Bustum - band

This reissue features a bonus track with a new album art.  Find this cassette  at Neverheard Distro

Side A
1. Intro 00:40
2. Arrival of Serpent God 04:29
3. Nightrealm 03:58
4. Inquisitor Deum 03:02
5. Marauders Call 03:47
6. Mists of Solitude 03:22
Side B
7. Plijesan gori vijekovima 03:15
8. Zaplakalo nebo suzama od krvi 04:58
9. Hladan kamen 03:24
10. Outro 01:54
11. The Sun Has Fallen 03:31

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