Cemetery Lust – Screams of the Violated

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Artist: Cemetary Lust
Album: Screams of the Violated
Genre: Thrash
Origin: Portland, OR
Year: 2012/2015
Label: Headsplit/Hells Headbangers Records
Sounds like: Mille Petrozza (Kreator) fell into a wormhole somewhere around 1986 and followed it to 2012 where it landed him in Portland to create a new band.

Kreator finally went back to the sound of Pleasure to Kill?!?!! No! This is Cemetery Lust!

Cemetery Lust dropped Screams of The Violated back in 2012 under Headsplit Records, now in 2015 it is back again being Re-Released under Hells HeadBangers Records. This is an album you wanna listen to if you like to fucking Thrash!

Reminiscent of early Kreator, Pleasure to Kill / Endless Pain era, Cemetery Lust is far more than just your run of the mill retro-thrash act. Yes, I have compared this album to Kreator a few times already but that doesn’t seem to take away from their creativity and originality. Not to mention the catchy as all hell choruses!

Screams Of The Violated is packed with crushing riffs! The thrashing simply does not stop on this album. Cemetery Lust shreds your face off til you are a corpse, then has necrophiliac fun with your body. At least that’s what I would think they would do because that’s what everyone song is about hahaha. The humorous lyrics really pull you in to this album.

These are the Thrash bands that are keeping the scene alive, not like all the other bands that were promising then sold out or the bands that worship the shitty 80s thrash. Cemetery Lust is thrash as fuck! Well maybe only fuck if it is reference to a dead body. Cemetery Lust is Post-Mortem Thrash As Fuck! Now that sounds right!

For fans of; Kreator – Pleasure to Kill / Endless Pain , Sodom – Persecution Mania , Demolition Hammer – Tortured Existence

Favorite Tracks : Demonic Dementia, Resurrected Whore, and the one below Perverted Aggressor