Crurifragium – Beasts of the Temple of Satan No ratings yet.

InvictusRelease: 30 January 2017

INVICTUS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present CRURIFRAGIUM’s highly anticipated debut album, Beasts of the Temple of Satan. Although only springing to foul life in 2015, CRURIFRAGIUM’s history stretches back to their previous existence as Warpvomit. And although only existing for a couple years before the name-change, with their lone Carnal Sacrifice demo, Warpvomit verily approximated their moniker: disgusting, gestatingly cyclonic bestial metal that brimmed with a weird ‘n’ unsettling chaos and a tar-thick density.

Alas, with that name change came a relatively more finessed approach to the bestial arts; CRURIFRAGIUM’s eponymous debut demo suggested a slight change was afoot, but it’s with Beasts of the Temple of Satan where the power-trio truly come into their own. Resolutely crude and barbaric and forsaking any niceties like “progression” or good taste, CRURIFRAGIUM explode forth with a filthiness beyond compare. Granted, its grind ‘n’ churn owes reverential debut to the dual gods of Blasphemy and Beherit, but these particular Beasts of the Temple of Satan exhibit a ghastly, gibbering intensity that sounds like those last frayed ends of sanity forever severing their grip upon (ir)reality and (ir)rationality. Within that palpable possession, the maelstrom whipped forth ably benefits from a stout and sawn-off production that’s simply crushing to behold.

The rise of the black moon is at hand, so empty the chalice with CRURIFRAGIUM’s Beasts of the Temple of Satan!

Abominor – Opus: Decay 3/5 (1)

Artist: Abominor Album: Opus: Decay Genre: Raw Black Metal Year: 2015 Origin: Iceland Label: Invictus Productions
Artist: Abominor
Album: Opus: Decay
Genre: Raw Black Metal
Year: 2015
Origin: Iceland
Label: Invictus Productions

abominor logoIceland’s Abominor’s EP Opus: Decay is a two track, 21:29 minute  descent into a hellish abyss. Abominor has been around since 2008, released a four track demo in 2010, and finally released the Opus: Decay EP in 2015. This is an excellent short but sweet EP for black metal fans. The two tracks have a totally independent sound that is distinct from the other. The opening track “474” is an unrelenting dystopia of blastbeats and anger that lasts for 12 minutes. The title track Opus: Decay uses a dynamic arsenal of tempo and atmosphere changes. Both tracks are designed around a raw black metal sound that is produced with great quality. There is a lot of heavy bass that is presented on this EP. I look forward to hearing a full length from Abominor. Hopefully they can make an album that uses this hate to its full potential and they do not implode before they can make this happen.


Check it out.

Malokarpatan – Stridžie dni 5/5 (1)

Malokarpatan cover
Artist: Malokarpatan
Album: Stridžie dni
Genre: Black Metal
Year: ORG 2015 RE 2016
Origin: Slovakia
Label: Invictus Productions

Originally released independently last year, Malokarpatan’s Stridžie dni is being reissued on Invictus Productions on April 26th. If this band had a crowdfunding page I would contribute because this album fucking rules.

I do not know what Malokarpatan means nor do I know what Stridžie dni means so why did I even listen to this album? Because reading influenced by  ’90s classics like Venom, Mercyful Fate, Bathory, Barathrum, etc.” and seeing this album art at the same time seemed to leave me perplexed. Yes I hear the influence but I also hear so much more.

There is a sardonic undertone to this whole album that makes it so rich and original. I do not speak Slovakian but there are tracks that open up with what sounds like stand up comedy, then it goes right into some ripping thrashy, black metal that is original as fuck! I am unaware if this album was a failed joke or not. By failed I mean, they attempted to be funny and it came out way more awesome than initially intended.

Malokarpatan promo pic

The music is like a cross between thrash and black metal, as aforementioned, that leads into some doom passages. But the presentation is like a group of guys chanting an Irish drinking song at the local pub. They do not sound drunk and the music is not sloppy, it just has that folky have a good time but SATAN vibe to it. To understand what I mean by that you need to listen to this album.

Malokarpatan’s Stridžie dni is not your typical black metal, nor your typical proto-black metal worship for that matter, there is a lot of independent thoughts that are used on this album unlike the hive mind of post second wave black metal bands. The riffage is thrash, the vocals are black metal, the drums are punkish, Stridžie dni is fucking awesome. If I could speak in the tongue of  Slovakian I would be chanting along with this album all day, but because I speak crappy English I am left here in wonder of what the hell is actually being said.

1. Metelica a kúrnava sa žene nad krajem 02:08
2. Kýho besa mi to tá stará ohyzdná striga do pohára nalála 05:53
3. Na kríllach cemnoty do horských úbočí zostupuje posol moru a hniloby 06:06
4. O víne, kterak učený Hugolín Gavlovič z Horovec vyprával 04:47
5. Stridžie dni, kedy neradno po slnka západe vychádzat, ni perí drápat 04:22
6. Starý z hory, čo zver svoju budzogánem pobil 05:08
7. O jedném, čo pijatikou rozum si pomúcil a nakonec v chléve prenocovat musel 03:20
8. Z jazera ozruta, s volíma rohama a telom chlapiny 05:19
9. Popolvár najväčší na svete, šarkanobijca a bohatier 07:40

Head of the Demon – Sathanas Trismegistos 4/5 (1)


Artist: Head of the Demon Album: Sathanas Trismegistros Genre: Doom Metal Origin: Sweden Year: 2016 Label: The Anja Offensive/ Invictus Productions
Artist: Head of the Demon
Album: Sathanas Trismegistos
Genre: Doom Metal
Origin: Sweden
Year: 2016
Label: The Anja Offensive/ Invictus Productions

It is very difficult for me to strictly label Head of the Demon’s Sathanas Trismegistos as doom metal, I just find it very difficult to place it anywhere else. This is about as epic as doom metal can get. Usually when a band tries to make an epic doom album the words boring, yawn, sleepy come to mind, with Sathanas Trismegistos the words phenomenal, extraordinary, unique, and impressive come to mind.

There is an undertone of black metal that drives this album alongside its mainly doom metal overture. My favorite part about this album is the fusing of elements of psychedelic rock into the already solid doom and black metal presentation without eliminating the evil sounding vibes. This is a magnificent album with a lot of creativity oozing from each riff. There is a thick atmosphere of occult that surrounds this album like a black aura. There is an evil energy that dwells in this album. It feels like this album is channeling spirits from another realm or dimension.

Each song on Head of the Demon’s new album is hypnotic and desensitizing. Each track has these little riff passages that rip hard as hell. This album definitely has some sort of spell that casts itself upon you. Simplicity played with perfect timing is the key to Sathanas Trismegistos. This is a solid doom metal album that is strictly true to itself and genre.

There is not much in the doom metal world, of black metal for that matter, that I would compare Head of the Demon to. Sathanas Trismegistos is a uniquely rich experience that holds no comparison. This is one of those albums that is going to change the way the genre of doom is thought about.


Sathanas Trismegistos will be released by Invictus Productions on  April 30th  for Europe and  the Anja Offensive will be releasing this June 24th for North America.


1. Nox, Est, Lux 07:34
2. Armilus Rides… Again! 08:52
3. Sathanas Trismegistos 06:57
4. Zurvan’s Ordeal 07:53
5. Maleficium 08:36
6. L.L.L 08:26

In the mean time, before an official sampler is released, check out Head of Demon’s 2012 self titled album.

Lunar Mantra – Genesis EP No ratings yet.

Artist: Lunar Mantra
Year Formed: 2013
Country: Scotland
Album: Genesis
Genre: Black Metal
Released: 2015
Label: Invictus Productions

There are very few black metal bands that can pull off the 2nd wave sound without sounding boring, repetitive, and watered down. These guys have the raw, but decipherable recording quality, with evil, obscure, entrancing melodic lines that could hypnotize you through vast dimensions of time and space.

At first listen, this may sound like unoriginal regurgitated 2nd wave trash, but upon a few more listens, one will find that its quite original and unique sounding, especially for being the band’s first release. With interesting song structures, entrancing melodic passages that repeat, but don’t drag out for too long, and sharp musicianship, this album is definitely worth a listen, or 50. Go listen to it and support.

Lunar Mantra Facebook
Lunar Mantra Bandcamp