November 2016 Black Metal Releases 5/5 (2)

November 2016 Black Metal Releases			    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    		5/5							(2)

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There are many excellent releases coming in November in metal. Here are the November 2016 Black Metal Releases. Check out November 2016 Death Metal Releases Thrash, Doom, and Heavy metal entries to be listed soon. If there is anything I missed or you want added to this list comment below and inform me of my ignorance. November 4th Eggs of Gomorrh Facebook Vault of Dried Bones Sales Page Rot Prophet by Eggs of Gomorrh Hoath Facebook Promo 2014 by Hoath Kyy Facebook Saturnal...

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Horna – Hengen tulet No ratings yet.

Horna – Hengen tulet			No ratings yet.

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  Here we have some real solid 2nd wave esque hateful Black Metal. A good mix of crushing powerchord riffs over lightning blasts, with a nice touch of evil sounding melody here and there to keep things fresh. Recommended for fans of Mayhem, and Gorgoroth. Tight musicianship paired with fitting production quality help this band stand out from the many black metal bands doing this style. Hengen Tulet by...

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