Wicked Resurgence Fest M M X V I I No ratings yet.

As I talked about it last year, I am here to gladly inform you that once again the hostile take over of Bangladesh is happening once again in 2017 with Wicked Resurgence Fest MMXVII. This intensity shall ravage the land on April 15th.

The Line Up so far…
Old Witch Cemetery (Doom Metal)

Infuscation (Death/Thrash Metal)

Sonic Predator (Heavy Metal)

Astral Cremation (Doom Metal)
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Orobas – Arise In Impurity 5/5 (1)


Artist: Orobas Album: Arise from Impurity Genre: Blackened Death Metal Origin: Bangladesh Year: 2016 Label: Sathanas Records
Artist: Orobas
Release: Arise In Impurity
Genre: Blackened Death Metal
Origin: Bangladesh
Year: 2016
Label: Satanath Records

Hailing from the newly diabolical lands of extreme metal, Bangladesh, is Orobas. Orobas‘s new EP Arise In Impurity is a delightfully evil and destructive  blend of black and death metal. If you are unaware, obviously you never read anything on this site, the extreme metal scene in Bangladesh is practically a fury that is spewing from the mouth of hell.

From the “Ode To Impurity” intro ’till the last reverberating riff of Orobas‘s cover of Venom‘s Black metal, Arise In Impurity will take to you to an ageless time of metal that still holds itself true today.  My favorite track on this monster of an EP is “The Ravana” because it is so damn heavy.

Here is the promotional track from the EP that should inspire you to pick this bad boy up from either Satanath Records or at a later time from Slaughterhouse Records. This here is “BAD BLOOD HUNTER”!!!

Chant along at home!

Bad Blood Hunter

Recalling the confession of angry flames
Combating soul discontent kicking out shames
Standing alone in search of steadfast claims
Bad Blood Hunter rise again against the wall of rotten trails

Don’t listen to the death, there is no liberty

Dying horse race again against serenity
Life conveys nothing for the people of unwise purity
Fuck all confessed and confiscated one way morality

It’s nothing to do with flocks’ stupor fermentation
Torture rise to rise and generate carcass demolition
Canon of eternal hunting devil’s nerve stimulation
Screaming gory animal die for more blood perversion

Don’t listen to the death, there is no liberty

Dying horse race again against serenity
Life conveys nothing for the people of unwise purity
Fuck all confessed and confiscated one way morality

[Lyrics by Rhitil Monisha]

If that strikes your blood lust, as I am sure it does, here is the proper teaser for Arise In Impurity.

Be sure to check out Orobas on Facebook and send your gratitude!

Sonic Predator – Reign of Steel Live No ratings yet.

Bangladesh’s underground metal scene is getting bigger by the day. The future of metal is being molded by this scene. The scene is primarily focused on extreme metal. There are very few traditional metal bands that have emerged from this scene recently. Sonic Predator is here to change that.  Check out some new Heavy Metal from Bangladesh! Check out Sonic Predator’s Facebook Page.

The Interrogation Chair: Surtur No ratings yet.

3540403755_logoMetalXtreme recently caught up with vocalist Riasat Azmi from Surtur. We would like to thank Metal Monger Records for setting up with interview. Check out Surtur at their bandcamp and their Facebook.



MetalXreme: Hello Surtur, MetalXtreme would like to ask you 5 questions for our Interrogation Chair 5 for 5 interview. As it seems Surtur currently only has an EP which you originally self released in 2015 and it was later reissued in CD-R format by Faithcraft Production the same year and also rereleased by Witches Brew Records in Pro CD format this year. It seems the release has had success one way or the other. Can you tell us regarding the EP? How the songs were written, how it was recorded, the obstacles you faced and about the self release?


Riasat: Greetings from Surtur! Looks like you got all your facts straight about the release of our debut EP. Yes, we are happy with how the EP has been received by listeners in general all thanks to the labels which came forward and our PR agent Qabar PR. We conceived the idea of the EP as soon as we started doing music together. The title track was the first song that we composed together. Our guitarist, Shadman Omee, came up with the structure of the songs and the rest of us put our individual input. We hit Sonic Occult Studios as soon as we finished the songwriting process. The drums were recorded at Studio 100 Miles before that. We decided to self-release it as it seemed to us that it would be a pretty gutsy move for the band. If you’re asking about obstacles, we didn’t face much other than financing the record as we’re all a bunch of young guys and financing everything by ourselves was a bit difficult. But after the reception the EP saw, we’re pretty much content and it was definitely worth it!


MetalXtreme: Are you guys planning to record for another release? What are the band’s present intentions? Do you plan to go for a “Descendant Of Time” tour?

Riasat: Currently we’re in the songwriting process for our first full length. We plan to hit the studio again as soon as we’re done with that. We’re also doing shows around Dhaka regularly. Tours or circuits within Bangladesh is a bit scarce but we’ve received offers in doing shows other than the capital city, Dhaka. We’re also opting for doing tours abroad.


MetalXtreme: Surtur seems to have really heavy riffs; I can find influences of bands like Kreator. Can you tell us the main influences the band has for making the music you guys make?


Riasat: Yes, old Kreator is definitely an influence for us. We love making songs which are fast and aggressive. We aim to keep our sound as old school as possible. The bands we look up to musically are Old Sepultura, Sadus, Demolition Hammer, Merciless, Morbid Saint, Old Sodom, Kreator and bands like them.


MetalXtreme: This is an entirely speculative question, but are you guys considering getting signed to a label for releasing the later releases? What are the pros and cons of being an independent artist in your opinion?


Riasat: Witches Brew Records reissued Descendant of Time. Let’s see what the future has in store for us.Being an independent artist is definitely fun as it lets you be ‘independent’. But as I said before, financing everything is a bit difficult for underground musicians like us. Being signed to a decent label would take that burden off a bit. It also makes way for more exposure, I guess.


MetalXtreme:How did you come up with the name Surtur? Did you consider other names besides Surtur when you guys were naming the band? Tell us the reason behind choosing Surtur as the name of your band.


Riasat: We were looking for a suitable name that would go well along the kind of music we do. I came up with Surtur. I’m into mythology and shit like that and Surtur is a demonic figure from Nordic mythology who embodies fire and is prophesized to set the world in flames. I thought this background of the character suits our music pretty well. My bandmates also agreed and we thought it was pretty badass. That’s the whole story basically.

Wicked Resurgence Fest 2016 5/5 (1)


Underground metal will always and forever be the most extreme and most influential music the world will ever see. Like a spiderweb of multiple toxicities, the underground is a burrowing tunnel of multiple genres and background. That spiderweb covers and consumes the world as we know it. You should never assume that any country does not have a metal scene, especially if it is a country of Asia. What you need to do is start paying attention to the underground scene in Bangladesh, there is nothing else quite like it. Here is some insight into one of the biggest metal festival in Bangladesh, WICKED RESURGENCE FEST!


From the Promo itself, Wicked Resurgence Fest is a cult collective of the best and evilest nature.


Old Witch Cemetery’s cover of Pentagram is just the first stop of our journey.


Infuscation playing “Second Coming of the Devil” for their debut gig at Wicked Resurgence  Fest 2016.


Burial Dust playing “A Call From Home” from their EP  Oshubho Ahobaan


Abominable Carnivore ripping it up with “Forest of Woe”


Enmachined thrashing it up with “Razor in Your Mouth” We actually caught up with Anil, the guitarist, for an interview, check it out here.


Warhound  tearing up the stage with their track “Enchantment for the Dark Divinity”


Severe Dementia destroying all in their path with the track “Shudder Thee Incensed Goddess”


And here is the final recap of Wicked Resurgence Fest 2016


As you can plainly see, the place to be each year for all your metal fixes is Wicked Resurgence Fest. Are you ready for Wicked Resurgence Fest 2017? You better prepare yourself for the darkness that awaits in the land of Bangladesh. This is the secret that needs more exposure in the world of metal heads. Bangladesh is the new home of extreme metal, make sure you note that. Every band that comes from Bangladesh is worth your listening time, and a spot in your playlist, CD changer, tape deck, or record player. The very best place to keep yourself informed about these bands is keeping yourself up to date on Wicked Resurgence Fest and Metal Monger Records!