Blackrat – Demo 2017 No ratings yet.

Blackrat – Demo 2017			No ratings yet.

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Artist: Black RatAlbum: Demo 2017Genre: Black Metal/ ThrashOrigin: CanadaLabel: IndependentYear: 2017 % Discuss this album in the MetalXtreme forum! Blackrat has been around for roughly 5 years. In those 5 years they have refined their sound into a raw black thrash. This 2017 demo is f****** sweet. This reeks of old school. This is some quality black thrash, even if it is just a demo. DEMO 2017 by BLACKRAT Blackrat – Demo 2017 No ratings yet. by Douche Loder |...

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Death Worship – Extermination Mass MLP/MCD 5/5 (1)

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Nuclear War Now! Productions Extermination Mass by Death Worship Release: 15 March 2017 Back in 2013, when the imposing specter of Death Worship first surreptitiously announced its impending presence, the collective response from those who witnessed its blasphemous annunciation was one of sheer anticipation. During the ensuing three years in which the band has meticulously crafted the final touches on its debut recording, that well-deserved anticipation slowly morphed to a...

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November 2016 Death Metal Releases No ratings yet.

November 2016 Death Metal Releases			No ratings yet.

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November seems to be a very short month for Death Metal, but quantity does not dictate quality. This is the list of November 2016 Death Metal Releases. If I have missed anything or if there is anything you want to be added to this list please comment and inform me of my ignorance. Check out Black Metal for November 2016 Here Thrash Doom and Heavy Metal releases to be done soon. NOVEMBER 4TH Hoath Facebook Promo 2014 by Hoath  November 18th Siaskel Facebook Signal Rex Sales...

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Third Ion – Biolith 5/5 (1)

Third Ion – Biolith			    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    		5/5							(1)

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Canadian Progressive Metal Outfit Third Ion, featuring former members of The Devin Townsend Band, Into Eternity, and Annihilator, have announced the July 8 release of sophomore album Biolith. The new album will be released on Glasstone Records and is the first to feature ex-Annihilator vocalist Dave Padden. Padden’s years of experience with Annihilator, and the many records on which he has appeared, has already proven to be a major asset, and has brought the band to...

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The Interrogation Chair: Idolatry 5/5 (1)

The Interrogation Chair: Idolatry			    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    		5/5							(1)

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MetalXtreme recently had the opportunity to catch up with Lörd Matzigkeitus of Idolatry. Check out our review of Visions from the Throne of Eyes Here. Check out Idolatry on Facebook. Make sure to listen to Satanas Häxan below. For a preview of Diabolus Amator check out the bandcamp below and check them out on Facebook. Despotic Conjuring Of The Soulless by Diabolus Amator MetalXtreme: “Hello Lörd Matzigkeitus, Welcome to MetalXtreme’s Interrogation Chair 5 for...

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