Destruktor – Opprobrium

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Artist: Destruktor
Album: Oppobrium
Genre: Black Thrash
Label: Hells HeadBangers Records
Sounds Like: Desolated Black Thrash Destruction

It’s weird to think that such devastating music comes from the land down under. Not that it’s strange since all that seems to come out of the land of kangaroos, koala bears, dollarydoos, and games of knify spoony is black thrash (damn good black thrash too) its just strange because its Australia…. Wait a minute that’s when you remember Mad Max is from Australia and the fucking dingos eat babies!

It has been 6 years since Destruktor has released a new full length album with the last offering being 2009’s album Nailed. Destruktor is back with Oppriobrium, another reminder why you don’t fuck with Australia, unless you are Bart Simpson of course.

 Destruktor has a sound much like a combination of first wave/ proto- black metal bands with their thrash elements and 2nd wave black metal bands with their sheer intensity.

 The drum work on Opprobrium is fucking top notch, and not over bearing while the guitar and bass playing and vocals all match together quite well. The production is rather great for a band of such raw nature.

This is going to be the raw black thrash album of the year!

For fans of Atomizer, Deströyer 666, Aura Noir, Vomitor, Gospel of the Horns

Favorite Tracks: Eradication,  Blood Poison,  Immaculate Deception.

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