Armoured Angel – Communion 4/5 (1)

Armoured Angel – Communion			    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    		4/5							(1)

Posted by on Apr 21, 2016 in 1990, 2016, A, Australia, Hells Headbangers Records, Old School Death Metal, Wicked Reissues! |

Australia, the unsettling spawning ground of demonic, extreme metal. Destruktor, Slaughter Lord, Atomizer, Sadistik Exekution, Deströyer 666 are few that claim home in Australia. Though Australia is quite known for metal here are still many secrets of the land down under. One of the down under secrets of plunder is Armoured Angel. I say plunder because as Armoured Angel transitioned from a thrash band to a death metal band, that is the sound that the Australian metal scene...

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Interment – Scent of the Buried 4.5/5 (2)

Interment – Scent of the Buried			    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    		4.5/5							(2)

Posted by on Apr 9, 2016 in 2016, Death Metal, I, New Releases, Old School Death Metal, Pulverised Records, Sweden |

Are you ready to get your cerebral cortex ripped from your brain stem through your fucking ears? Interment is back with Scent of the Buried to show the world how Swedish death metal should fucking sound. Interment formed in 1988 under the name Beyond. 1988 was part of the era of the emergence of the sound of Sweden we have all come to love. Interment was part of that pioneering force alongside Dismember, Entombed, Nihilist and Grave. You should know what to expect from...

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Master – On The Seventh Day God Created… Master No ratings yet.

Master – On The Seventh Day God Created… Master			No ratings yet.

Posted by on Apr 7, 2016 in 1991, 2016, Death Metal, Death Thrash, M, Metal Monger Records, Old School Death Metal, USA, Wicked Reissues! |

Paul Speckmann started his music career in War Cry as the bass player, where he met up with drummer Bill Schmidt. Together, Speckmann and Schmidt decided to form a more aggressive metal band based around Motörhead, Venom, Slayer and the whole emerging extreme metal movement. Eventually, they both left War Cry and Master was formed. Master, has been around since 1983, as long as the genre they play have been around. They are one of the bands that contributed to the genre and...

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Stormgrey – Pray.Crawl.Suffer No ratings yet.

Stormgrey – Pray.Crawl.Suffer			No ratings yet.

Posted by on Mar 29, 2016 in 2015, Death Metal, Lithuania, Old School Death Metal, S |

Are you looking for some modern death metal that rips like OSDM? Are you sick of overproduced piece of shit wanna be death metal? DO YOU WANNA HEADBANG?!?!? Then you need to get your metal deprived ass some Stormgrey! Released digitally in September of 2015, Stormgrey’s Pray.Crawl.Suffer sounds like some old school death metal, which it should because Stormgrey is made up of some old school Lithuanian death thrashers. Pray.Crawl.Suffer is a unrelenting scourge of...

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Krisiun – Black Force Domain No ratings yet.

Krisiun – Black Force Domain			No ratings yet.

Posted by on Nov 16, 2015 in 1995, Brazil, Century Media, Cult Death Metal, Death Metal, Dynamo Brazilie, GUN Records, K, Old School Death Metal |

It is no secret that Brazil is home to some of the most influential and extreme metal bands ever. But rarely do people speak of one of the most violent and abrasive albums released in the mid-nineties. That album of course being Krisiun’s Black Force Domain.It is a shame that this album goes unnoticed to many. This album’s blasphemous and abrasive nature makes this a diamond in the rough so to speak.  Metalheads should pay more attention to this release. This...

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Cannibal Corpse – Eaten Back To Life No ratings yet.

Cannibal Corpse – Eaten Back To Life			No ratings yet.

Posted by on Oct 22, 2015 in 1990, C, Death Metal, Essential Albums, Old School Death Metal, USA |

Alright you primitive screwheads listen up! Chris Barnes is the only reason this band ever existed. Corpsegrinder gets all this stupid credit for this band he does not deserve. Cannibal Corpse was popular before him and way better. Here is my reasoning. The 80’s death metal scene was ran by the Florida sound but in 1990 Cannibal Corpse changed it all. Cannibal Corpse brought the New York sound to the populous of the metal community, the same sound that Suffocation...

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