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Divine Eve

Doom death is hard thing to pull off. It’s even harder to do it right. Lastly the hardest thing to do is, do it right and not be awfully fucking boring.

As the angels weep
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Divine Eve, hailing from Texas, is fierce and intense with the doom death sound. While harmonizing at a steady doom pace, they tend to start grinding into some solid death metal. In other words THEY AREN’T FUCKING BORING. Only releasing a couple EPs and a comp album they don’t have much material to digest but I must say they give Runemagick a run for their money for the title of best doom death band.

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Buy Vengeful & Obstinate

Definitely a band that deserves to be heard so give them a listen and don’t let them be forgotten. Today’s doom death acts don’t hold a candle near these kinds of bands. They either focus on the death metal or doom metal aspect too much and not have a good ratio between the two. Or they just fuck it all up and end up with a whimpy sound with death metal vocals. Give me some feedback on your opinion on this great band.

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