BAT – Wings of Chains 4.5/5 (2)

BAT – Wings of Chains			    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    		4.5/5							(2)

Posted by on Apr 14, 2016 in 2016, B, Hells Headbangers Records, New Releases, Speed Metal, USA |

You have no excuse to have never heard of D.R.I or their blasphemous drunken grandchildren Municipal Waste unless you are lobotomized from headbanging too much. Even then the last thing that is ringing through your mind eternally is a foreboding D.R.I. riff. So what do you get when D.R.I. meets up with Municipal Waste, you my fellow metal head gets BAT! Formed between Ryan Waste , Felix Griffin, and Nick Poulos, BAT is a speed metal demon! We have waited for 3 years and...

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Rapid Terrör – Speed Metal Bastard/ Faster Master Compilation 4/5 (1)

Rapid Terrör – Speed Metal Bastard/ Faster Master Compilation			    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    		4/5							(1)

Posted by on Mar 12, 2016 in 2016, New Releases, P-18 Recordings, R, Speed Metal, Sweden |

Are you familiar with the name Runemagick? How about Nicklas “Terror” Rudolfsson? I really don’t give a fuck if you said yes or no to either of those questions whats important here is that Rapid Terrör is 50% of what I just mentioned. Runemagick is one of the most important names in the Doom Death world and Rapid Terrör is a Nicklas Rudolfsson side project, and its fuckin’ speed metal as fuck! There are only two releases from Rapid Terrör that were...

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No Mercy – Widespread Bloodshed Love Runs Red 5/5 (1)

No Mercy – Widespread Bloodshed Love Runs Red			    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    		5/5							(1)

Posted by on Feb 25, 2016 in 1987, Cult Classics, N, Speed Metal, Suicidal Records, Thrash, USA |

WE’RE EVIL! SO FUCKIN’ EVIL! SWEET EVIL! E-V-I-L! Suicidal 4 Life? You’re a Suicyco Maniac? You wanna be Institutionalized? You have a War Inside Your Head? That’s all fun and games but are you Crazy But Proud? Didn’t think so. Released the same year as Join The Army, No Mercy‘s Widespread Bloodshed Love Runs Red is the forgotten Suicidal Tendencies album, So fuckin’ evil they had to change the name of the band. No Mercy‘s...

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Carnivore – Carnivore No ratings yet.

Carnivore – Carnivore			No ratings yet.

Posted by on Feb 25, 2016 in 1985, C, Crossover, Cult Classics, Greenworld Records, Speed Metal, Thrash, USA |

GREETINGS AND FELICITATIONS CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY   Long before he told us about some goth girls date at midnight with Nosferatu, and before his name was Peter Steele(R.I.P) , we we’re given some down right dirty New York City style Thrashy Speed with tinges of Hardcore, we we’re given Lord Petrus Steele and Carnivore. If you are a Type O Negative fan and you dig the song Unsuccessfully Coping with the Natural Beauty of Infidelity, well, how about a whole...

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Speedtrap – Straight Shooter 5/5 (1)

Speedtrap – Straight Shooter			    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    		5/5							(1)

Posted by on Sep 22, 2015 in 2015, Finland, Heavy Metal, New Releases, S, Speed Metal, Svart Records |

So you think pure heavy metal is dead huh? Well pull your head out of your ass and fasten your seatbelts and listen to Straight Shooter by Speedtrap. Finland is more known for their extreme metal bands in genres of black and death metal in the vein of Impaled Nazarene and Archgoat but Speedtrap is a different kind of animal. The raw talent displayed on this album is quite the fascination. A band like Speedtrap in this era of music is insane. Speedtrap is a lightning fast...

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Throaat – Black Speed No ratings yet.

Throaat – Black Speed			No ratings yet.

Posted by on Sep 20, 2015 in 2015, Black Metal, Invictus Productions, New Releases, Speed Metal, T, Thrash, USA |

Not long ago, around the turn of the century, there was a big retro-thrash sound that took over the underground scene. Now I am a big fan of thrash so it really never bothered me, but some true thrashers really, and I mean really, fucking hated it.  The two bands that really took off big of the retros were Toxic Holocaust, who really lost focus on the Bathory worship and tried to evolve a retro sound into their own but kinda Metallica’d out(just with a ton less money)...

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