High Priest of Saturn – Son of Earth and Sky

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Artist: High Priest of Saturn Album: Son of Earth and Sky Genre: Stoner Doom Year: 2016 Origin: Norway Label: Svart Records

Artist: High Priest of Saturn
Album: Son of Earth and Sky
Genre: Stoner Doom
Year: 2016
Origin: Norway
Label: Svart Records

Usually when I hear a doom metal band, especially as of late, the energy is  blatantly nihilistic. Never would I associate the words cosmic, majestic, nor beautiful to the self-loathing atmosphere of a doom metal band. That is until I heard Norway’s High Priest of Saturn’s new album Son of Earth and Sky.

Saturn is the god of a few things, one of which being time. High Priest of Saturn‘s new album will blast you through a cosmic journey that defies space and time. There really is a nice relaxing atmosphere to this album but it is at the same time being heavy as hell. The droning riffs are so hypnotic and the vocals are so relaxing. High Priest of Saturn is a female fronted doom metal band that does not try to follow the archetype of the recent surge of “soul sister” doom metal bands (that is what I call them anyway).

Son of Earth and Sky is an epic adventure though the sonic landscapes of time and space themselves disguised as a stoner doom metal album. Though the album has a tracklist of only 5 tracks, the album’s length is 40 minutes and 11 seconds. If you are a fan of the stoner doom genre of metal you should know exactly what to expect from this album. With albums like Son of Earth and Sky you don’t need drugs to enjoy them, the album itself is the drug. This is not some fuzz induced album that provides no musical talent like some of the stoner droners out there *cough* Sunn 0))) *cough* but there is an actual intelligent structure behind the music. So light up your pipe of wonders, and kick out the slow jams with High Priest of Saturn, this album will blow your spiritual mind.

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