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Artist: Horrenda Album: Neronian Times Genre: Black Metal Year:2016 Label: Independent

Artist: Horrenda
Album: Neronian Times
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Independent

It seems as though every generation of black metal tends to eventually shed more skin of the element of black metal and add more elements to the mix. In a 10 year process bands abandon the pure element of black metal to fuse and metamorphosize into their own genres. So after the whole generation of black metal evolves you must delve into the underground to dig yourself up some pure black metal before it finds its cocoon. Globally there are many new sprouts of original new black metal from Detroit’s Isenblast to Germany’s Akatechism to Ireland’s Horrenda.

Horrenda‘s Neronian Times is a disruptive, violent, misanthropic, brilliant, black metal demo. Being the offering of the bands sole member Darragh O’Connor, Neronian Times is a destructive force of pure black metal dominance. Like many other one-man black metal bands this year I am thoroughly impressed with the production of this demo, for it being an independent release.  I don’t know what it was about the Silent Hill winter of 2015 into 2016 but the warmer than usual weather has spawned some bad fucking ass early 2016 releases.

So do yourself a favor, get yourself into some of these new black metal bands that will be molding the future of extreme metal early so you can watch as they evolve. Start yourself by listening to Horrenda‘s Neronian Times.



1. Neronian Times
2. Ríastrad
3. Thermidor
4. Eye
5. Brathadóir
6. Shodan

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