The Interrogation Chair: Idolatry

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MetalXtreme recently had the opportunity to catch up with Lörd Matzigkeitus of Idolatry. Check out our review of Visions from the Throne of Eyes Here. Check out Idolatry on Facebook. Make sure to listen to Satanas Häxan below. For a preview of Diabolus Amator check out the bandcamp below and check them out on Facebook.

MetalXtreme: “Hello Lörd Matzigkeitus, Welcome to MetalXtreme’s Interrogation Chair 5 for 5. We hope you are doing well and would like to ask you 5 questions. Being a part of the current scene of black metal in Canada, do you feel the Canadian extreme metal scene gets enough credit and exposure?”
–difficult to say as it is the only one we know, the divided nature by which music is promoted in recent years dislocates the notion of scene. There are bands from Canada of extreme pedigree ( Revenge, Rage Nucléaire, Panzerfaust, A.M.S.G. etc…) but as a lifelong supporter of extreme metal, I don’t have a provincial attitude towards it. Excellent music is excellent music… the origin is irrelevant. I don’t respect imaginary lines drawn on a map


MetalXtreme: “I have recently listened to a copy of Idolatry’s first full length, Visions from the Throne of Eyes, very wicked stuff, how did Idolatry develope such a depth of sound in the short time that the band has been around? ”

–through experimentation, through a will to be dynamic and not be concentric on playing to a certain pre-ordained subsection of black metal. I despise formulaic, safe music. One cannot proclaim to play chaotic black metal without living beyond the boundaries of what has come before. Subject matter, structure, and voices… these aren’t templates to us, they are the infinity of what canvas can have forced upon it

The atmosphere at rehearsal is open… If a new idea evokes terror, we run with it and will continue to evolve. None of our releases will live in a comfort zone


MetalXtreme: “I have read your book Catharsis Spoke Her Virtuous Evil earlier this year, does there exist a struggle between writing lyrics and publishing a book, is there any different precedures that you take between the two mediums?”

–I wrote blank verse poetry as a basis for lyrics without ever baring music in mind. The words that get chosen for any particular song I always select based on the invocation and movement of the music. From there I force what I’ve written to fit syllabically. I’m 1/2 way through writing a second book, so there is a large bank of lyrics for future recordings.


MetalXtreme: “Canada has a very rich history in extreme metal, what Canadian bands have influenced your music and your involvement in the world of extreme metal?”

–here, I’d refer to my previous answer about the origins of metal ( perhaps adding a nod to Operation Winter Mist) but say that the influence of a bitter frozen tundra of misery has a great impact on what comes from this country. There’s a sincerity in writing music from a part of the planet where 5 months of the year it’s cold enough to kill you just being outside for a length of time. Contempt and hate come easily to musicians here.


MetalXtreme: “What can we expect in the future from Lörd Matzigkeitus and Idolatry?”

–Idolatry are rehearsing material for an upcoming split with a veteran USBM band this summer as well as gearing up for a tour with Erimha and Panzerfaust in the fall…

As for me, I just sent the Projectionist ep ” The GallowForest Eulogy” to press with Winterwolf records Germany, am actively working on the next Projectionist full length ” Exalted Solitude”, the follow up to Diabolus Amator’s ” Despotic Conjuring of the Soulless” entitled “Virginian HellFire Regiment”, also gearing up to play the Communion of Darkness fest in South Carolina come September with DA as well as finishing the (non-symphonic) black metal opera with Sartoraaus and completing the next book.

… I’m impossibly busy. Possessed.

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