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I got the chance to get a few questions in with Tideless, here are the results.

P.S. You should really check out Tideless’s Sea of Tears!

DL_DooM: Hello Tideless, welcome to MetalXtreme’s Interrogation Chair. First and foremost how are you guys doing today and what are your biggest influences behind your unqiue sound?

Arturo-Doing great. I would say that the bands that I always come back to are for sure The Chasm, Anathema, Evoken, and a lot of “softer” stuff like Slowdive and Type O. Sonically anyone that knows about pedals will be able to pick up that everything is drenched in chorus at least on the demo.


DL_DooM: Sea of Tears is an excellent EP, when should we expect a full length album?

Arturo-In the process of writing it.

Zane-Full length should be coming out next year or 2018 latest.


DL_DooM: What has been your favorite experience thus far as being a band?

Arturo-Everything that we have done so far has been extremely enjoyable, but maybe recording would be the most rewarding.

Zane-The demo release mini tour was rad, hopefully we can do some more touring soon.

Lisa-My favorite experience would have to be the small west coast tour we did with Miscreancy. The stop I enjoyed the most was when we played at the Veteran’s Memorial Hall in Eureka where we played with Miasmic. The whole crowd there was just really down to earth and not to mention driving there was beautiful as well.


DL_DooM: If you could share the stage with any band, who would you guys like to play with?

Zane-I would have loved to open for Asunder with this project…

Arturo-I would of loved to open for The Chasm and Rotting Christ circa 1995. But now a day realistically maybe any of The Black Twilight Circle bands or Dispirit.

Lisa-Hmm, Skepticism, Worship, or Septic Flesh.


DL_DooM: What does the future of Tideless look like as of right now?

Zane-We’ll be releasing a new EP soon and will be busy writing for our first full length. Possibly a mini tour once the EP is released.


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