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Artist: Krisiun  Album: Black Force Domain  Genre: Death Metal  Year: 1995  Label: Dynamo Brazilie, Gun Records, Century Media Records  Sounds like: Violent Death Metal
Artist: Krisiun
Album: Black Force Domain
Genre: Death Metal
Year: 1995
Label: Dynamo Brazilie, Gun Records, Century Media Records
Sounds like: Violent Death Metal

It is no secret that Brazil is home to some of the most influential and extreme metal bands ever. But rarely do people speak of one of the most violent and abrasive albums released in the mid-nineties. That album of course being Krisiun’s Black Force Domain.It is a shame that this album goes unnoticed to many. This album’s blasphemous and abrasive nature makes this a diamond in the rough so to speak.  Metalheads should pay more attention to this release. This album is a relentless beatdown which features many excellent buzzsaw guitar solos and guttural vocals. There are not many albums of this nature that actually have a production value which is raw but does not take away from the distinguished sound of the bands unison. Despite the raw recording production the music actually sounds very crisp.

There’s just something very unique about Krisiun’s Black Force Domain that demands you to keep the album playing in its entirety. It is the equivalent of watching a car crash where you know someone is going to die, you just can not take your eyes off of it. So it must be the violent nature of this album that makes you listen to it. I’m not saying that the lyrics are violent it’s just that the music itself sounds like warfare of a blasphemous origin.

This is an album that started a sound trend in extreme music. After this album’s release many bands tried to emulate the sound that Krisiun created on Black Force Domain but, many sounded very sloppy and immature which is not what this album sounds like.

If you are looking for an album that perpetually personifies the sound of extreme metal in the mid-nineties, this is the album to listen to. This is an instant classic for  underground metal.

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