Listen To: Iron Maiden – Power Slave

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Widely regarded as the quintessential heavy metal album of all time, Iron Maiden‘s Power Slave is an album for the ages. There is not a single fan of music that has anything bad to say about this masterpiece. This is an essential album for all metal heads to own.

Nothing says NWOBHM quite like Iron Maiden. Power Slave is the album that defines this era and genre of music to a T. I believe I have seen more Power Slave shirts in my life than any other album or band shirt, yes even Metallica.

There is nothing in metal that is quite like Bruce Dickinson’s voice. Steve Harris’s Bass playing. The dueling guitars of Adrian Smith and Dave Murray. Nicko McBrain’s rhythm section.

So here it is for your listening pleasure, lets bask in this album’s 32 year reign of power. Let’s all be happy that in a wold of all this madness we have Iron Maiden to listen to. Iron Maiden will never go away, years from now people will look back on their catalog like we do Bach.

Long Live Iron Maiden, Iron Maiden Lives!
The Will Of Iron Never Dies.
Thank you for the years, though most of them were wasted.

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