Malokarpatan – Stridžie dni

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Malokarpatan cover

Artist: Malokarpatan
Album: Stridžie dni
Genre: Black Metal
Year: ORG 2015 RE 2016
Origin: Slovakia
Label: Invictus Productions

Originally released independently last year, Malokarpatan’s Stridžie dni is being reissued on Invictus Productions on April 26th. If this band had a crowdfunding page I would contribute because this album fucking rules.

I do not know what Malokarpatan means nor do I know what Stridžie dni means so why did I even listen to this album? Because reading influenced by  ’90s classics like Venom, Mercyful Fate, Bathory, Barathrum, etc.” and seeing this album art at the same time seemed to leave me perplexed. Yes I hear the influence but I also hear so much more.

There is a sardonic undertone to this whole album that makes it so rich and original. I do not speak Slovakian but there are tracks that open up with what sounds like stand up comedy, then it goes right into some ripping thrashy, black metal that is original as fuck! I am unaware if this album was a failed joke or not. By failed I mean, they attempted to be funny and it came out way more awesome than initially intended.

Malokarpatan promo pic

The music is like a cross between thrash and black metal, as aforementioned, that leads into some doom passages. But the presentation is like a group of guys chanting an Irish drinking song at the local pub. They do not sound drunk and the music is not sloppy, it just has that folky have a good time but SATAN vibe to it. To understand what I mean by that you need to listen to this album.

Malokarpatan’s Stridžie dni is not your typical black metal, nor your typical proto-black metal worship for that matter, there is a lot of independent thoughts that are used on this album unlike the hive mind of post second wave black metal bands. The riffage is thrash, the vocals are black metal, the drums are punkish, Stridžie dni is fucking awesome. If I could speak in the tongue of  Slovakian I would be chanting along with this album all day, but because I speak crappy English I am left here in wonder of what the hell is actually being said.

1. Metelica a kúrnava sa žene nad krajem 02:08
2. Kýho besa mi to tá stará ohyzdná striga do pohára nalála 05:53
3. Na kríllach cemnoty do horských úbočí zostupuje posol moru a hniloby 06:06
4. O víne, kterak učený Hugolín Gavlovič z Horovec vyprával 04:47
5. Stridžie dni, kedy neradno po slnka západe vychádzat, ni perí drápat 04:22
6. Starý z hory, čo zver svoju budzogánem pobil 05:08
7. O jedném, čo pijatikou rozum si pomúcil a nakonec v chléve prenocovat musel 03:20
8. Z jazera ozruta, s volíma rohama a telom chlapiny 05:19
9. Popolvár najväčší na svete, šarkanobijca a bohatier 07:40

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