Why Not Write For MetalXtreme?

Do you like metal? If not I don’t know why you are here in the first place. If yes, do you like talking about metal? Then why not write for us?

We are not just a heavy metal review site/blog, what we are trying to do is go beyond creating an online community of metal heads we are trying to create a society. We would like to unite like minded people that enjoy metal music.

MetalXtreme is a fully uncensored outlet that will not turn down any review, rant, news, promotion, etc. you have to offer, as long as you follow our simple guidelines. Writing for us is a good place to get your foot into the door as a publicist, journalist, or review writer for any other website, magazine, or outlet. Write posts for us to add to your resume or portfolio. We do not edit any content, we only revise tags and categories. We even allow you to add your own affiliate links in your posts if you are an affiliate marketer.

We are looking for volunteer writers that have a basic understanding in WordPress and html. If you ever need help we are here to help you get started, Contact Us or post in the forums.  If you help us grow our new business (MetalXtreme was started July 2015) we will eventually be able to offer paying jobs.

If you are interested in writing with us please register and send us an email or a message on Facebook so we can allow your account to have access to post articles.