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Artist: Evil Army
Album: Evil Army
Genre: Crossover Thrash
Origin: Memphis, TN
Year: 2006
Label: Get Revenge Records
Sounds Like: A Violent Destructive Force Destroying Your Neighborhood

Somewhere in the early 80’s there was this dirty band that made rotten sound, and they

were all imbeciles. Those Dirty Rotten Imbeciles were fans of metal and punk which was unheard of at that time, and they went from imbeciles to legends when they decided the genres should crossover. That band was D.R.I. If you didn’t know what I was talking about until I said that abbreviation you really gotta do some homework. D.R.I created a sound that spread like wildfire through the metal scene and punk scene. The 80s to mid 90s crossover sound was unrivaled, now let’s fast forward to the new millennium. This breath of fresh waste appeared in the early 2000’s, their name, Municipal Waste, and they fucked everyone up. Then they sold the fuck out and bought too much beer and their bloated corpse turned into cannabis. During this time of Municipal Waste’s demise in a city that’s most evil musicians were some small rappers that never made it out of their hometown(sarcasm) called the Three Six Mafia or Triple Six Mafia, for those playing the home game that’s 666 Mafia, this great band that captured the old sound of the 80s came out of nowhere and released a devastating album.

Evil Army, hailing from Memphis, TN, is fucking relentless. Their only full-length, released in 2006, is a self titled 13 track, 24 minute, fuck you to anyone who doubted a crossover thrashterpiece to ever arise post ’87. These guys are a fucking powerhouse of riffage and punk blasts. Just straight fucking intensity like the godfathers D.R.I. These guys are like Cryptic Slaughter and Bathory partying in hell. Give me some feedback on your thoughts.

Follow the link under the album art to the left or click on the album art to buy this album. You can get the CD for only $6 thats not a deal its a steal. The CD is cheaper than the mp3s which are $9!

For fans of Toxic Holocaust – Evil Never Dies, Bathory – Bathory, Cryptic Slaughter – Convicted, D.R.I – Dealing With It



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Divine Eve No ratings yet.

Divine Eve

Doom death is hard thing to pull off. It’s even harder to do it right. Lastly the hardest thing to do is, do it right and not be awfully fucking boring.

As the angels weep
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Divine Eve, hailing from Texas, is fierce and intense with the doom death sound. While harmonizing at a steady doom pace, they tend to start grinding into some solid death metal. In other words THEY AREN’T FUCKING BORING. Only releasing a couple EPs and a comp album they don’t have much material to digest but I must say they give Runemagick a run for their money for the title of best doom death band.

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Buy Vengeful & Obstinate

Definitely a band that deserves to be heard so give them a listen and don’t let them be forgotten. Today’s doom death acts don’t hold a candle near these kinds of bands. They either focus on the death metal or doom metal aspect too much and not have a good ratio between the two. Or they just fuck it all up and end up with a whimpy sound with death metal vocals. Give me some feedback on your opinion on this great band.

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