New Release: Sacrificio – Guerra Eterna, add this to your wishlist!

New Release: Sacrificio – Guerra Eterna, add this to your wishlist!			    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    		5/5							(1)

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Artist: Sacrificio Album: Guerra Eterna Genre: Black Metal Origin: Spain Year: 2016 Label: Iron Bonehead Productions

Artist: Sacrificio
Album: Guerra Eterna
Genre: Black Metal
Origin: Spain
Year: 2016
Label: Iron Bonehead Productions

sacrificio-logoBlack Metal, a dynamic genre that has a depth greater than the ocean itself. There are bands that create something new, yet it is boring. There are bands that arrive that are just regurgitations of the past. There are bands that made a sound in this genre that are the staple, the epitome, the pinnacle. This is a genre that very rarely has something new, original, unique, fresh, and heavy as fuck in the traditional sense. Then comes Sacrificio‘s Guerra Eterna, I will cut my fucking tongue out right now for ever saying that black metal cannot surprise me any more.

Sacrificio‘s Guerra Eterna is an amazingly original throw back to proto-black metal without being any type of retro garbage. This is pure fucking black metal. You can feel the stagnant evil lingering in the air while this album spins… it’s fucking amazing. This is a piece of art that you do not come across every day, and it makes you tread lightly as this album will fuck you up!

This album is a giant fuck you to the second wave of black metal and all its clones that exist. Fuck off nowaday’s black metal and listen to fucking Sacrificio‘s Guerra Eterna. You better get this sick album when it drops December 9TH.

IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS, in conspiracy with NUCLEAR WAR NOW! PRODUCTIONS, is proud to present SACRIFICO‘s highly anticipated debut album, Guerra Eterna. Hailing from Spain, SACRIFICIO caused a stir in the underground with the release of their self-titled mini-album in 2014, which was also jointly released by IRON BONEHEAD and NUCLEAR WAR NOW! Chained in conservationism as a strict principle, the trio raised the banner of black metal’s first generation and reinvigorated its standards with Sacrificio. But now, with Guerra Eterna, these true warriors of the occult have eclipsed that feat by creating a humid mass of idiosyncratic, eldritch energy: a soundfield/headspace fully unified, a statement of steely, blood-drenched intent.

Like its debut short-length predecessor, SACRIFICIO‘s Guerra Eterna bristles and brims with the same strange intensity that earmarked the most unexpected and darkest latitudes of Columbia, Brazil, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary in ancient times. Verily, it is BLACK METAL, vociferously and vigorously, without parentheticals or qualifiers or other weakening aspects of nowadays “black metal.” And yet, throughout its staunch songwriting and more strident execution, Guerra Eterna finds SACRIFICIO in an advanced state of evolution, even if that “evolution” is inversely a sort of devolution, shackled as they are to the swirling scuzz that equally nods to the pioneering works of early deathrash legends and the contemporaneous bestiality of elder South American climes. Further, the production on the album is even more rounded and robust than the mini-album: as ever utilizing supposedly “arcane” methods of tube distortion and tape compression, it reveals aggression and mystery equally in a more pronounced manner.

Warriors summon to the bugle sound of death marches and bloodshed, intoning anthems of a timeless black metal apocalypse. Fierceness of colossal might unbounded, throughout barbarous aeons of atrocious warfare. Devastation and misery overrule for eternity. Only the dead will see the end of war…this is the sound of SACRIFICIO‘s Guerra Eterna.

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