Sepulcher – Mausoleum Tapestry

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Artist: Sepulcher
Album: Mausoleum Tapestry
Genre: Death Thrash
Origin: Norway
Year: 2015
Label: Edged Circle Productions
Sounds Like: Structural Fuckin’ Death

While digging through the promo pile I’ve noticed this album numerous times and skipped over it because it looked like just another humdrum, Norwegian, kvlt black metal band. I was very quick to judge a book by it’s cover well I actually judged it by its logo. I was surprised, shocked, and confused by this album in all the best ways possible. Their name is Sepulcher, a name derived from a big Brazilian band, they sound like a forgotten eastern european thrash band with elements of death metal, grind and crust taken from the U.S, U.K and Mexico, and from all places for a new kick ass non retro thrash band to be from they are from Norway!

Sepulcher’s Mausoleum Tapestry, is fucking vicious. These guys know how to thrash! Sepulcher sounds like a raw mixture of Energetic Krusher, Los Crudos, Repulsion, Sacrilege, Sadus, Dark Angel, and early proto-black metal era Sepultura. Combined, creating a destructively crusty, death thrash album of originality. Like a nuclear bomb wrapped in bullets, while supporting a mohawk, dropping on your fucking ear drums.

I myself am a huge thrash fan. To see bands like this emerge from the depths of hell to wipe the now redundant remnants of the big pile of excrement retro-thrash has become has made me proud to be a fan of thrash once again.

Words don’t begin to describe the force of which Sepulcher’s whirlwind of thrashing madness Mausoleum Tapestry brings, one thing is for sure, whoever these revenants are, they are not going to be an unknown band for long. The thrash scene that is rising globally, whether it be the new resurgence of real thrash taking over the U.S.A., the European black-thrashers, the newly economically strife Greek thrash scene, or these mad mad bands pouring out of Scandinavia, thrash is fucking back to rid the world of false metal. All you fakers trying to be thrash but can’t find a way not to be retro anything and all you bandwagon, major label, do what you’re told assholes need to learn real fucking fast, when it comes to metal there is no other power like thrash, and when its done right will put all of you back into obscurity. Every band in other metal genres better start bringing their A-game, because its a thrash or be thrashed kind of world.

Sepulcher is going to blow the fucking world up when Mausoleum Tapestry arrives on September 30th. I would advise you to check out Edged Circle Productions’s store and get yourself this album when its hot off the presses because this fucker is gonna be hot, like lead from a .45 at point blank.

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