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Artist: Slayer Album: Reign in Blood Genre: Thrash Origin: America Year:1986
Artist: Slayer
Album: Reign in Blood
Genre: Thrash
Origin: America

The year was 1986 and the extreme’s of thrash metal were starting to be pushed to higher boundaries. With 2 albums already released, Slayer was already making a huge name for themselves. Though “Hell Awaits” was heavier and darker sounding that its predecessor, the iconic album “Reign in Blood” went even further down the same path, leaving an even bigger, if not the BIGGEST mark on metal history. Though the album is technically considered thrash metal, it should more importantly be considered as an album that hugely influenced the more extreme genres of metal, such as black and death metal. Without the blistering fast chromatic riffs written over lightning speed thrash beat drumming, you could easily see the early stages of death metal.  Given the same compositions, replacing Tom Araya’s thrash screams with some harsher sounding gutteral vocals, maybe even downtune the instruments to add icing on the cake, we would easily have a death metal album. We can use Monstrosity’s cover of Angel of Death for reference.

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