Thornesbreed – GTRD

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Artist: Thornesbreed
Album: GTRD
Genre: Black Metal
Origin: Germany
Year: 2015
Label: Art of Propaganda
Sounds Like: Blasphemic Epicness

Twelve years ago Thornesbreed released The Splendour of the Repellent, a phenomenally, intense, brutal, blasphemous death metal album. Now in 2015 Thornesbreed is back with a new album, GTRD. All the elements that made The Splendour of the Repellent an excellent death metal album are blackened making GTRD an excellent black metal album.

A transition from being an excellent death metal band to being an excellent black metal band is not easy, Thornesbreed has done it though. Giving us a great album GTRD

Most of the time in the realm of black metal, bands, especially new bands, lack originality, creativity, and rip off everything before them and around them (statement only applys to “pure” black metal). Thornesbreed has not done this. Creating something riveting and new is what Thornesbreed has done with GTRD.

 The drawn out ambience which is devoloped by the production effect on the guitar really gives this album an extra feeling of desolation. There is a lot of musical emotion going on in this album and it kicks ass. There is fury and dismal expression going on at the same time. With the doomy sounding blasphemous riffs while the blasting drums are destroying everything  in sight creates an atmosphere that is grand!

I really enjoy the vocals on this album. Not your average black metal vocals, or death metal vocals over black metal. It is a perfect mix of the two.

For fans of: Early Behemoth Albums, even that is a stretch, there isn’t much that sounds like this

Favorite Tracks:  Dividua Anima pt. I , Perpetual Stigmata, absolute favorite being Not a Second from Oceans to Frozen Wastelands