Listen To: Iron Maiden – Power Slave No ratings yet.

Listen To: Iron Maiden – Power Slave			No ratings yet.

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Widely regarded as the quintessential heavy metal album of all time, Iron Maiden‘s Power Slave is an album for the ages. There is not a single fan of music that has anything bad to say about this masterpiece. This is an essential album for all metal heads to own. Nothing says NWOBHM quite like Iron Maiden. Power Slave is the album that defines this era and genre of music to a T. I believe I have seen more Power Slave shirts in my life than any other album or band...

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Bathory – Bathory No ratings yet.

Bathory – Bathory			No ratings yet.

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One of the most important albums in the world of extreme metal. The music that Bathory made on their 1984 debut self titled album changed the sound of metal forever. This is still one of the most raw, evil, and most kick ass metal albums ever made. Black Fucking Metal! So many bands were influenced by this album it is incredible. Venom may have came up with the name but Bathory alongside Mercyful Fate were the ones that came up with the sound. Bathory is when metal really...

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