Watch: Pestilence’s Out of the Body Music Video No ratings yet.

Artist: Pestilence Album: Consuming Impulse Genre: Death/Thrash Origin: Netherlands Year: 1989
Artist: Pestilence
Album: Consuming Impulse
Genre: Death/Thrash
Origin: Netherlands
Year: 1989

Pestilence is one of the sickest bands to ever exist. The truest masters of Death Thrash, both musically and production wise. Here is a video for their song “Out of the Body” off the kick ass album Consuming Impluse!

I did not know this video existed until my buddy Chronolith showed it to me. There is nothing better in excellently produced Death Thrash.

Sarcófago – Rotting 5/5 (1)

Artist: Sarcofago Album: Rotting Genre: Blackened Death Metal Origin: Brazil Year: ORG 1989 RE 2016 Label: Greyhaze Records
Artist: Sarcofago
Album: Rotting
Genre: Blackened Death Metal
Origin: Brazil
Year: ORG 1989 RE 2016
Label: Greyhaze Records

For those of you who do not know, Sarcófago is one of the most important Brazilian extreme metal bands to ever exist. Their pivotal album I.N.R.I. changed how black metal and death metal was presented, listened to, and viewed. Sarcófago is the pinnacle of extreme metal.

Sarcófago‘s sick follow up album to I.N.R.I., Rotting, is being reissued, you should be interested, you should listen to this.


Greyhaze Records is proud to announce the 2016 reissue of Sarcófago’s classic 1989 album Rotting.  The release comes with a beautiful new layout, as well as bonus DVD containing footage of the Brazilian legends performing live during Morbid Angel’s ‘Altars of Madness’ Tour in 1991.


CD Track List:

1. The Lust
2. Alcoholic Coma
3. Tracy
4. Rotting
5. Sex, Drinks & Metal
6. Nightmare

DVD Track List:

1. Alcoholic Coma
2. Satanic Lust
3. Rotting
4. Satanas
5. Nightmare


Check out the Stream here

Gammacide – Victims of Science 4/5 (1)

When I get a solid thrash album, it’s cool, and when a solid thrash album reminds me of a

Artist: Gammacide Album: Victims of Science Genre: Thrash Year: 1989 Label: Wild Rags Records
Artist: Gammacide
Album: Victims of Science
Genre: Thrash
Year: 1989
Label: Wild Rags Records

joke from The Simpsons (even though this album predates The Simpsons)it’s badass. Lets just say this album suffers from………

VAPOR LOCK!!!!!!!(only appears on 2006 reissue)

(Episode 6 Season 9 Bart Star)

Gammacide‘s Victims of Science is  EvilDead when you take away all the intricacies and make it thrash harder. I really can’t tell you if I enjoy Annihilation of Civilization or Victims of Science more.

If you are looking for some Razor, Evildead, Demolition Hammeresque thrash that destroys all in its path like some 2,4,5 Trioxin this is your cup of radiation.

Gammacide‘s Victims of Science is some gritty, toxic avenging, thrash. Unlike Evildead there is much more bass work and pummeling drum work. This is certainly an album to revisit. There is a lot of diversity and unique characteristics between each track.

Crack this bad bitch up, just watch out for the C.H.U.D’S

1. Endangered Species 03:39
2. Fossilized 03:55
3. Shock Treatment 02:52
4. Victims of Science 03:41
5. Gutter Rats 04:15
6. Walking Plague 04:13
7. Chemical Imbalance 04:16
8. Incubus 04:00
9. Observations 02:23

Terrorizer – World Downfall No ratings yet.

Terrorizer's world downfall
Artist: Terrorizer
Album: World Downfall
Genre: Grindcore
Year: 1989
Origin: Los Angeles, CA
Label: Earache
Sounds Like: The Dead Rising to Rip You To Shreds

Death metal purists, you know the ones that are like “I won’t eat apples because they have a core”,here is the thorn in your sides. Two members from a legendary band by the name of Morbid Angel made a (if not the best ever) grind album back in 1989 that has yet to be rivaled, their names being Pete Sandoval and David Vincent, the album being World Downfall, the bands name…. Terrorizer. The name is so beautiful because that’s what they were to every other grind band at the time and still piss off every elitist to this day for the fact that when an elitist takes a dump on anything core they have to mention this album as being the exception.

Terrorizer’s World Downfall is the perfect grindcore album. It is fast, it is aggressive, it is angry, it is Pete Sandoval blasting so fast that this album ripped a hole in the space time continuum, a hole so deep that grindcore contemporaries have yet to find it to even catch up and compare. No insult intended but, even if your band’s name is Napalm Death, Hideous Mangleus, Carcass, Nasum, Repulsion, Pig Destroyer, Assück, Agathocles, etc.. You have yet to be on par with the intensity Terrorizer brought nearly 3 decades ago. In terms of speed the only band that may even compare is Cryptic Slaughter but even crossover bands like them and Wehrmacht don’t even hold a flame to the raw intensity which is World Downfall. It took Terrorizer almost 2 decades to make a follow up album because even they themselves knew, you don’t mess with the power of World Downfall.

World Downfall was the perfect extreme metal album to close out the 80’s. It is the quintessential proof that everyone worships metal from the 80’s and that the power of that decade cannot be stopped or matched. World Downfall is the album that made every grind band be gimmicky in the 90’s with samples, because they knew without a gimmick they would not be listened to. Who can blame them though there is not much you can do with your life after world obliteration!

View on YouTube

Bolt Thrower – Realm of Chaos (Slaves to Darkness) No ratings yet.


Bolt Thrower
Artist: Bolt Thrower
Album: Realm of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness
Genre: Grinding Death Metal
Origin: U.K
Year: 1989
Label: Earache Records
Sounds Like: Perpetual Warfare

Previous to Realm of Chaos, Bolt Thrower was an extremely crusty, hardcore, grind outfit. To classify Bolt Thrower’s previous work pre-Realm of Chaos, even their debut In Battle There is No Law!, as death metal  would be a stretch. Realm of Chaos was a new sound for Bolt Thrower as they traded their crust punk tendencies for pure grind and their hardcore punk sounds for death metal, creating the first of many extremely heavy, unrelenting , warfare influenced, destructive, grinding death metal albums in their catalog.

Throughout the 80’s grindcore and death metal were constantly evolving. Grindcore was trying to cling to a metal, while death metal was trying to establish itself as a real genre, not just an offset of thrash. When Napalm Death released Harmony Corruption and Carcass released Symphonies of Sickness, both of which finally uniting death metal and grind together, it was only a matter of time for someone to top the masters who started it all. Along comes Bolt Thrower, to totally piss in everyone’s tea (we are talking England here), and show these fools how to fuse grind and death metal together and blow out eardrums with the tenacity contained, Realm of Chaos.

You can name as many early albums in death metal as you want, before the 90’s era of production hit, there is not a single album in death metal louder than Realm of Chaos. Here’s my evidence… Crank your stereo or speakers on your computer and listen to “World Eater”(properly pronounced WOOOORRRRRRLLLDD EAAAATTTTEEERRRRR!). Besides being loud, being heavy, being fast, Bolt Thrower is Bolt Thrower, in other words they are unique. There is not a single band in the world that sounds like Bolt Thrower.

Realm of Chaos sounds like what exactly it should, chaotic warfare that never ceases to stop. Bolt Thrower will always be known as one of the heaviest death metal bands ever and Realm of Chaos as one of the heaviest death metal albums ever, making Realm of Chaos a MetalXtreme essential album.