Watch: Life of Agony’s Through and Through Music Video No ratings yet.

Artist: Life of Agony Album: River Runs Red Genre: Sludge/Crossover/Alternative Metal Origin: U.S.A Year: 1993 Label: Roadrunner Records
Artist: Life of Agony
Album: River Runs Red
Genre: Sludge/Crossover/Alternative Metal
Origin: U.S.A
Year: 1993
Label: Roadrunner Records

Despite Keith Caputo changing his name to Mina Caputo, aka changing his sex in an effort to boost modern audiences to listen to Life of Agony again, back in 1993 Life of Agony was fucking sick! It is really cool that they made a video for the song “Through and Through“.

Life of Agony’s legendary debut River Runs Red came out in 1993. The album featured a sound that is still unrivaled today. An original mix of sludgy thrash crossover that made one almost go damn! that sounds like Peter Steele singing for Sick of it All!

So, obviously, with that being said they were from the notorious Brooklyn NY, scene. Whatever you wanna call this album whether it may be crossover, thrash, heavy metal, doom, hardcore, alternative metal, It doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters is that this album kicks some serious ass and so does this song. “THROUGH AND THROUGH“!


You’ve got that look in your eye again
It’s working overtime
Worried about where I’m gonna spend my life
But it’s much too late, it’s much too late
Oh it’s much too late to start picking fights

You said: where ya been, where ya been
Where ya going to, where ya going to, where ya going to?
‘Cause I’m right here, yeah

Can’t it wait, can’t it wait, can’t it wait
Just a minute now, just a minute now, come on

I need some air to breathe
I need some space, just leave
‘Cause I’m colder than ever (colder than ever)
I said I’m colder than ever
I’m empty, empty through and through

Someday they’ll see, someday I’ll be
Unwanting of somewhere to hide
But for now I’ll take shelter
Deep in the back of my mind
Can it wait? can’t you wait?
‘Cause I ain’t ready to lay it on the line
I still shake, I still shake
From this chill in my spine

I’ve got this chill yeah
In the back of my spine
Baby all the time now
Chilling my bones, chilling all alone now

Find a way, find a way, I’ve found a way
To cope with the everyday now
Raise your hands if you understand

I need some air to breathe
I need some space, just leave
’cause I’m colder than ever (colder than ever)
I said I’m colder than ever
I’m empty, empty through and through

Smiling’s just a phase yeah
And nothing can phase me

Listen To: Abhorer – Unholy Blasphemer (compilation) No ratings yet.

If you are unaware of this band’s existence, change that right now! Abhorer’s Unholy Blasphemer is a compilation of all their work. This is the band that brought the extreme sounds to Asia. Without Abhorer, besides their impact on Asia, black metal would be lacking a lot of blasting and ruthless abrasive passages.

Abhorer is a band to add to any collection!

Blood – O Agios Pethane 5/5 (1)

Artist: Blood Album: O Agios Pethane Genre: Grindcore Year: ORG 1993 RE 2016 Label: Dunkelheit Produktionen
Artist: Blood
Album: O Agios Pethane
Genre: Grindcore
Year: ORG 1993 RE 2016
Label: Dunkelheit Produktionen

BLOOD-LOGOThe first time I ever heard the highly under-rated grind of Germany’s Blood was when I saw the name and logo strewn across the unwelcoming blue art of the album Gas.Flames.Bones. Long story short I was not disappointed by the grind that Blood makes (or is that short story long because it is grindcore…??). Blood is one of the most, if not the most, consistently impressive and true bands to the genre of grindcore. O Agios Pethane is of their most appraised albums and it has been digipack reissued through Dunkelheit Produktionen, you better nab it because this digi is limited edition and this album is hard to find.

BLOOD_BANDPHOTO_NEWBlood is germany’s oldest grindcore band and one of the pioneers of the genre. Blood formed in 1986 and released their first full length, entitled Impulse to Destroy, in 1989. With all that being said, you should understand that this is legitimate grindcore, not some “insert-buzzword-here”core. O Agios Pethane, originally released in 1993, is their most revered album. This is a pure grind album in the same vein as bands like Assück (you should click that link because they kick serious ass), Nuclear Death, Impetigo and Carcass.


O Agios Pethane is not a blastbeat ridden, high pitched guitar squeal filled, scream infested album, this is a matured grind album. When I say matured I’m referring to the music as the lyrics and subject matter sometimes may be a little over the top; for instance there is a track titled “Sodomize the Weak”. This is from the era when death metal had a much bigger influence on grind than the core part did. For a grind album there is a lot of structure that is evident in this album, much like how Napalm Death’s Harmony Corruption and Terrorizer’s World Downfall follow a set guide rather than an all out chaotic noise approach like modern day veterans Pig Destroyer and The Locust.

You have been informed, now do yourself a favor and check out some Blood. Don’t be another statistic that thinks the extent of grindcore is Napalm Death and Brutal Truth.

Necrophobic – The Nocturnal Silence No ratings yet.

Buy Nocturnal Silence
Artist: Necrophobic
Album:Nocturnal Silence
Genre: Blackened Death Metal
Origin: Sweden
Year: 1993
Label: Black Mark Production
Sounds Like: A Defience of the Standard Stockholm Sweden Death Metal Sound

Stockholm, Sweden always had a sound of its own when it comes to death metal. A sound so good that every band in it’s scene had to conform to, to be cool. Necrophobic said fuck that, we will make our own sound and be just as cool.(citation needed).

Necrophobic’s debut full length, The Nocturnal Silence is an anomaly for its time and place. While a war waged between Sweden and Norway between extreme metal dominance with Norweigan Black Metal and Swedish Death Metal, Necrophobic showed how to blend the two ideologies together,melding the evil of black metal with the intensity of death metal, creating a sound of its own entirely.

Though musically ahead of it’s time, Necrophobic is still the least known out of the elite of the Stockholm scene. (Dismember, Entombed) At least they weren’t from Gothenburg, where if you don’t suck At The Gates dick you don’t matter (citation needed).

For Fans Of: Dismember, Entombed, Early Amon Amarth, Mid-Era Bathory

Favorite Tracks: Before The Dawn, Inborn Evil, Unholy Prophecies, Where Sinners Burn


Banished – Deliver Me Unto Pain No ratings yet.

Banished deliver me Unto pain
Artist: Banished
Album: Deliver Me Unto Pain
Genre: Death Metal
Origin: Buffalo, NY
Year: 1993
Label: Deaf Records
Sounds Like: Painful Death Metal

 Before changing their name to Banished they were known as Baphomet, they changed their name to Banished due to the fact that everyone wanted their band’s name to be Baphomet in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

Despite having a video on MTV, oh wait let me explain, before the M stood for metrosexualrealitytvteenmombabymamajerseyshoredubstepbullshit the M stood for music and when  Headbanger’s Ball came on it stood for Metal, Banished is fucking heavy. Deliver Me Unto Pain might be one of the heaviest songs MTV ever played. Even though Banished fell off the face of the earth after this album, Deliver Me Unto Pain kicks fucking anus.

Banished’s Deliver Me Unto Pain is like the slightly more tame, more technical, little less blasphemous version of Infester’s To The Depths, In Degradation. There is a little bit of a hardcore influence on the music as well.. No not scene bullshit. This, like Infester, is straight to the point, not trying to impress anyone, heavy as fuck, Death Metal.

This is the sound of American Death Metal that was emerging while grunge was taking over. Though I like Alice in Chains and Soundgarden, I hate Nirvana, therefore, obviously, I wish this was the sound that took over America… I feel really redundant saying that while running an Extreme Metal website.

There were many over looked bands like Banished that just fell off after not being exposed to the lime light. When you really think about it when it comes to American Death Metal its like a battle royale took place and Cannibal Corpse won, convincing everyone in the world that they reigned supreme in American Death Metal. You can ask any kid who’s favorite band is Slipcock or Five Finger Pantera Rip Off W/ Watered Down Riffs about their knowledge of Death Metal and they will just talk about Cannibal Corpse or some shitty band that isn’t Death Metal, as if Possessed, Master, Death, Obituary, Morbid Angel, Atheist never even existed, let alone anything less exposed.

Well I got way the fuck off topic. Deliver Me Unto Pain is a bass heavy, semi-technical, brutal as fuck Death Metal album you need to own. Or at least listen to. So when your poser ass friends try to talk Death Metal to you, ram this shit down their throats!

For Fans Of: Obituary, Infester, early Integrity, Rottrevore, Morta Skuld

Favorite Tracks: Skinned, Scars, Altered Minds, Deliver Me Unto Pain

Check out the video below then follow this link to check out the whole album!