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    Summer Slaughter Tour 2016 Dates and Tickets

    Below are the dates for The Summer Slaughter Tour 2016. Sadly Detroit, MI, is not listed so all you other metal heads have a good time out there!   7/23

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    Centenary – Ghastly Graves single

    From the half of the time frosted, and half hellishly burning streets of the crime infested wasteland, politically fucked, metal spawning grounds of my backyard, Detroit, comes a delightfully demonic

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  • Artist: Sarcofago
Album: Rotting
Genre: Blackened Death Metal
Origin: Brazil
Year: ORG 1989 RE 2016
Label: Greyhaze Records

    Sarcófago – Rotting

    For those of you who do not know, Sarcófago is one of the most important Brazilian extreme metal bands to ever exist. Their pivotal album I.N.R.I. changed how black metal and

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    Third Ion – Biolith

    Canadian Progressive Metal Outfit Third Ion, featuring former members of The Devin Townsend Band, Into Eternity, and Annihilator, have announced the July 8 release of sophomore album Biolith. The new

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  • Artist: Sewericide
Album: Immortalized In Suffering 
Genre: Death/Thrash
Origin: Australia
Label:  Unspeakable Axe Records

    Sewercide – Immortalized in Suffering

    Australia can be a harsh, hostile place to live. Australia is not new to spawning incredible extreme metal, just look at Sadistik Exekution, Armoured Angel, Blood Duster, and Destruktor to

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  • Artist: Tyfon's Doom
Album: Tyfon's Doom
Genre: Heavy Metal
Year: 2016
Origin: Finland
Label: Gates of Hell

    Tyfon’s Doom – Yeth Hound

    Gates of Hell (a Cruz Del Sur Music sub-label) will release Yeth Hound, the debut album from Finnish heavy metal entity Tyfon’s Doom on July 8. The album will be released

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  • Artist: Mausoleum Gate
Album: Metal and the Might
Genre: Heavy Metal
Year: 2016
Origin: Finland
Label: Cruz Del Sur Music

    Mausoleum Gate – Metal and the Might

    Following Mausoleum Gate‘s 2014 critically acclaimed self-titled debut album comes the two-track 7″ vinyl release of Metal and the Might. The release contains two new songs to please all their

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  • infernal altar

    Infernal Altar

    Here we have a sick ass up and coming USBM band from Wisconsin, and your in fucking luck because they have their first demo for free full download off their

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    The Interrogation Chair: Idolatry

    MetalXtreme recently had the opportunity to catch up with Lörd Matzigkeitus of Idolatry. Check out our review of Visions from the Throne of Eyes Here. Check out Idolatry on Facebook. Make

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    Sonic Predator – Reign of Steel Live

    Bangladesh’s underground metal scene is getting bigger by the day. The future of metal is being molded by this scene. The scene is primarily focused on extreme metal. There are

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