CULTES DES GHOULES – Coven, or Evil Ways Instead of Love No ratings yet.

Hells Headbangers
Release: 17 February 2017

The metal underground is awash with more bands than ever, but none quite sound like Poland’s CULTES DES GHOULES. And now, with the release of the band’s highly anticipated third album, Coven, HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present CULTES DES GHOULES’ magnum opus and forever prove that no one ever will quite sound like THIS.

A mysterious collective with a full lineup but no facts fully revealed about it, CULTES DES GHOULES have always let their music speak for itself. Their early demos and Odd Spirituality EP, all highly sought after upon their initial release, eventually culminated in CULTES DES GHOULES’ classic debut album, Häxan. Released in 2008 but eventually reissued by HELLS HEADBANGERS in 2011 after its first two versions quickly sold out, Häxan was a mesmerizing monolith beyond compare – ghoulish, gibbering, and ghastly in equal measures – although its sinful stench fondly recalled the likes of earliest, evilest Necromantia, Beherit, Mayhem, and Mortuary Drape. Also in 2011 came the Spectres Over Transylvania EP, which was an epic 25-minute track that suggested the ambitious direction to come. And come it did with 2013’s Henbane, a five-song/58-minute monster of mesmerizing power. Dread and disease wafting up from the abyss like fumes of the most potent sulfur, coiling and releasing in a tense coitus of godless abandon, the unremittingly repulsive sounds of death worship: Henbane soon became a modern classic for a new generation of black metallers hungry for foul sounds with fathomless depth(s).

Alas, even all that cannot prepare the willing for CULTES DES GHOULES’ Coven. On the surface, the epically winding ritualism the band had worked toward is present and accounted for…until you realize that that’s simply the first track. For Coven is indeed a literally MASSIVE album, totalling nearly 100 minutes across five near-equally massive songs; not for nothing will it be presented individually on two CDs and three vinyl LPs. But there is purpose to such staggering lengths: the album is, in fact, a sort of “play” whose full title is Coven, or Evil Ways Instead of Love. Inspired by Master’s Hammer’s The Jilemnice Occultist, which is a black metal operetta with a story about romance and witchcraft, CULTES DES GHOULES wanted to write something similar but with more serious intent and without any “romance” themes. And with time, it evolved into the form that’s finally revealed to the public.

Essentially, Coven sonically and (especially) lyrically illustrates a spiritual quest and the wish of death – death to a mundane world of moral laws and social conventions and shallow existences. It comprises a whole cast of characters – an actual dramatis personae, in the manner of a traditional play – whose innermost thoughts and outermost deeds are given life by the devilish throat of CULTES DES GHOULES. Each of the five songs is a whole “act” in itself, travelling across tension and cresting to high drama. Suitably, the music follows in kind, encompassing the band’s trademark teeth-gnashing gnarliness to more dynamic – and, yes, dramatic – iterations of what were mere sonic suggestions in past, particularly in swaggering Sabbathian groove. That the band moves so freely across such a relatively wide swath of (super-)sonic terrain isn’t so surprising as how effortlessly they do so, mirroring the myriad characters who bind the Coven. Olde tyme rock ‘n’ roll? Not exactly, but it’s as patently diabolical as the medieval devil-worship CULTES DES GHOULES have been slavishly devoted to lo these many years.


The Devil’s always had the best tunes, and sometimes even had the best plays. Now he’s got both in CULTES DES GHOULES’ Coven, and a new dark age has begun.


Crurifragium – Beasts of the Temple of Satan No ratings yet.

InvictusRelease: 30 January 2017

INVICTUS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present CRURIFRAGIUM’s highly anticipated debut album, Beasts of the Temple of Satan. Although only springing to foul life in 2015, CRURIFRAGIUM’s history stretches back to their previous existence as Warpvomit. And although only existing for a couple years before the name-change, with their lone Carnal Sacrifice demo, Warpvomit verily approximated their moniker: disgusting, gestatingly cyclonic bestial metal that brimmed with a weird ‘n’ unsettling chaos and a tar-thick density.

Alas, with that name change came a relatively more finessed approach to the bestial arts; CRURIFRAGIUM’s eponymous debut demo suggested a slight change was afoot, but it’s with Beasts of the Temple of Satan where the power-trio truly come into their own. Resolutely crude and barbaric and forsaking any niceties like “progression” or good taste, CRURIFRAGIUM explode forth with a filthiness beyond compare. Granted, its grind ‘n’ churn owes reverential debut to the dual gods of Blasphemy and Beherit, but these particular Beasts of the Temple of Satan exhibit a ghastly, gibbering intensity that sounds like those last frayed ends of sanity forever severing their grip upon (ir)reality and (ir)rationality. Within that palpable possession, the maelstrom whipped forth ably benefits from a stout and sawn-off production that’s simply crushing to behold.

The rise of the black moon is at hand, so empty the chalice with CRURIFRAGIUM’s Beasts of the Temple of Satan!

Death Worship – Extermination Mass MLP/MCD 5/5 (1)

Nuclear War Now! Productions

Release: 15 March 2017

Back in 2013, when the imposing specter of Death Worship first surreptitiously announced its impending presence, the collective response from those who witnessed its blasphemous annunciation was one of sheer anticipation. During the ensuing three years in which the band has meticulously crafted the final touches on its debut recording, that well-deserved anticipation slowly morphed to a palpable degree into impatience and even disbelief in the project’s eventual outcome. Now, with the long-awaited release of its Extermination Mass MLP, Death Worship is certain to silence the Johnny-come-latelies who have not endured long enough to recognize that the most worthy monuments are those that were not conceived of and erected overnight.

Invoked by the “Deathlord of Abomination and War Apocalypse” (AKA R. Förster of Conqueror/Blasphemy), performing all six- and four-stringed strangulations and lead vocals, and joined by “Nocturnal Grave Desecrater and Black Winds” (Blasphemy) on additional vocals and J. Read (Conqueror/Revenge) on session percussion, the collective pedigree of Death Worship’s members is second to none. Naturally, the initial anticipation of and later impatience for this release are a direct result of the legacies that these musicians have established through their current and former bands, and those who had hoped for a comparable result are not to be dissatisfied.

Combining the utter violence of Conqueror and Revenge with the songwriting insensibilities of Blasphemy, Extermination Mass achieves a perfect balance among the three bands with whom its members are most closely associated. R. Förster’s songwriting is very much aligned with that of Blasphemy, and it is characterized by more discernible riffs than many newer bestial black metal bands who often rely, to varying degrees of success, on a more obfuscated wall of noise to achieve their effect. Additionally, Förster’s knack for dropping in a well-placed and executed guitar lead is readily apparent on this recording. The Conqueror/Revenge influence is obviously most appreciable in J. Read’s signature, militarily-precise and violent percussion, which shifts tempo with less subtlety and more frequency than Blasphemy is prone to do.

Perhaps as noteworthy as the songwriting and musicianship of Death Worship is the high level of attention paid to the depth of production on the recording, a trait which closely mimics that of Blasphemy’s infamous Blood Upon the Altar demo and one which owes itself to the experience of Fiasco Bros. Recording Studios, who recorded said demo along with several other recordings attributed to the Ross Bay Cult.

With Extermination Mass, Death Worship affirms that the Superion once again has arisen, and the Cult is alive and well.


Centenary – …Where No Lives Matter 5/5 (1)

Artist: Centenary
Album:….Where No Lives Matter
Genre: Death Metal
Origin: USA

I am born and raised in the land of murder and shaped like a mitten, without busting out a map that would be the outskirts of Detroit. Our metal scene greatly reflects our harsh winters, simmering summers, government abandonment and blood red murder. Ironically enough there is not much death metal that finds it way out to the surface of the garages and basements it is created in, even if it does, it usually isn’t even worth hearing. After last years single release of Ghastly Graves, Centenary is back to chew bubble gum and make resonating new school metal that gleams with the sound of OSDM, and they are all out of bubble gum.

I got my hands on a freshly pressed cd of …Where No Lives Matter and I gotta say, this is probably the best death metal band in Michigan right now, if not ever. From “Parade of Chainsaws” to “Ghastly Graves” this is an album that baths itself daily in the blood of the non-believers of the reanimation of the genre of death metal.

This is the soundtrack to the dismemberment of the fake fools that run around in our United States thinking they are brutal and lack skill and imagination. Break out the Chainsaw and rev it up because this E.P. is about to bring the evil dead back from the grave for you to leave in a liquid state of being. Knee Deep in the Blood of the Fucking Dead \,,/ (sorry Mike I know posting this shit is a little late by about 2 weeks.)

Check out this album right here

Wicked Resurgence Fest M M X V I I No ratings yet.

As I talked about it last year, I am here to gladly inform you that once again the hostile take over of Bangladesh is happening once again in 2017 with Wicked Resurgence Fest MMXVII. This intensity shall ravage the land on April 15th.

The Line Up so far…
Old Witch Cemetery (Doom Metal)

Infuscation (Death/Thrash Metal)

Sonic Predator (Heavy Metal)

Astral Cremation (Doom Metal)
For more information visit here